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ComponentManager Release 1.30 – September 16th, 2012

  1. Changed application name from ScriptBox to ComponentManager
  2. Modified Application to use .NET Framework 4.0
  3. Added ‘Kill Component’ command to Component Viewer
  4. Modified all API methods to reflect new application name
  5. Fixed incorrect service API setting

ScriptBox Release 1.23 – November 27th, 2011

  1. Modified cached settings to a maximum of 500 items
  2. Modified cache lists to reduce garbage collections
  3. Minor modification to ScriptBox Service event handling
  4. SB_System: Added new method CpuUsage
  5. SB_System: Added new method MachineName
  6. SB_System: Added new method PhysicalMemory
  7. SB_System: Added new method ProcessorTime
  8. Modified algorithm for calculating CPU Usage

ScriptBox Release 1.22 – July 27th, 2011

  1. Modified ScriptBox Manager user interface
  2. Method: SB_Setting.Send will update setting if it already exists. No need to delete setting first.
  3. Improved parameter checking for all SBapi.dll classes
  4. Improved parameter checking for all internal ScriptBox classes
  5. Improved SBapi.dll exception passing back to calling script
  6. Improved security and encryption using WCF channels within ScriptBox
  7. Added new class ScriptSetting to hold specific settings for each running script
  8. Added ScriptSetting grid to display local script settings in ScriptBox Manager application
  9. Added 5 new methods to ScriptSetting class
  10. Added logging to disk for all internal exceptions


ScriptBox Release 1.21 – May 25th, 2011

  1. Added service version of ScriptBox for running on a server
  2. Modified message list cache size from 100 to 500 stored messages
  3. Added new Setting “ScriptBox Service Start Delay”
  4. Added new Setting “ScriptBox Service Load Script”
  5. Modified settings so they are not case sensitive


ScriptBox Release 1.20 – April 13th, 2011

  1. Added new class SB_Message:  add and delete ScriptBox internal messages
  2. Modified WCF Server to be more robust when handling network errors
  3. SB_Script.Send method:  removed constraint where a script can be loaded from
  4. SB_System:  added four new API methods to access internal ScriptBox lists
  5. ScriptBox Manager GUI Application:  added a GUI application to manage remote ScriptBox applications


ScriptBox Release 1.10 – February 12th, 2011

  1. Increased WCF connections from 10 to 20 for ScriptBox server
  2. Modified internal API classes to have a return value
  3. Added new methods to SB_Script class for increased component control
  4. Added new class SB_Trigger:  run a script by sending a trigger message


ScriptBox Release 1.00 – November 23rd, 2010